Bulls Smackdown returns and better then ever full with new and exiting highlights throughout the whole weekend!
In its third edition there will be in addition to the usual Funfly, exciting competitions like the Bulls Trophy, Nitro Cup and Night Flying. If you’ve never competed, we encourage you to participate because its a competition to enjoy yourself. Our goal is to get all kind of pilots together and fly
regardless your level, you should have fun flying and watch the show. Throughout the weekend, pilots can fly their helicopters  freely (Funfly). 

There are competitions of all kinds: Bulls Trophy with Flight to Music and Freestyle category, Piston Cup and the Night Flight Trophy. Find the one you like and go for it! You may participate in one, several or even in all of them.

Bulls Smackdown is a that yearly event to meet up with pilots, learn, reconnect with friends, and with only one goal, Have fun!


For lovers of noise, glow engines and the smell of nitro, we have prepared an exciting competition sponsored by Optifuel. Each participant will will take their model to the limit and do a one shot single free flight (no music) for 3 minutes! The only rule is to use a Nitro Helicopter.

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The Bulls Trophy is the main competition of Bulls Smackdown and is divided into 2 categories.
Flight To The Music category is a 3 minute flight to the beat of the music. The FreeStyle is a 3 minute flight to show all your skills and were you should perform at least 3 of the manouvers published on this website.



What should we say more! Each pilot needs to perform a free flight (with or without music) for 3 minutes.